The time has come!

Sometimes when we lost something or someone that we love so much, it is a very difficult time in our lives and the way we deal with that moment it is very important.

There are two options, the first one is the easy one, when we deal with the issue like a child, crying because like as a child that knows that he is impotent to solve the issue, there are no other thing to do  more than crying. And I’m not referring to cry literally, I’m referring about start drinking so much alcohol, or playing videogames all day or just complaining about the situation and doing nothing.

In the other side, we have the man way, that requires doing our best , finding a solution, having a plan and execute that plan and if after those thing we don’t get what we was finding, we should realize when is enough and when is time to surrender and find something or someone better. Because surrender after doing you best is not a shame, remember you did your best.

It is so easy to know which is the best path.. But it is difficult to be a man, always is easy to be a child..

Sometimes I would like to take the child way.. But I think is time to go forward and forget the existence of the child way.. I chose to be a man and I cannot give up at the middle, this world was not made by children was made by men.

This time I know what I want, how I want and when I want…